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Alchemical Qi Gong - 4 DVD Set

Alchemical Qi Gong - 4 DVD Set

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Alchemical Qi Gong:


4 DVD Set


    ALCHEMY -- THE REDEMPTION OF SPIRIT FROM MATTER -- is one of the chief practices in Daoism. While external alchemy involves the ingestion of minerals and the transformation of these minerals into something precious, internal alchemy uses the physical body as raw material, and attempts to transmute the essence of the physical body into Spirit to enable the practitioner to achieve a degree of immortality. In this six-hour series, Daoist priest Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen teaches the first set of nine Alchemical Qi Gong exercise that comprise the Tai Yu Shen Gong, the predominant exercise of the Hua Shan School of Daoism. These nine practices nourish the communication between the Kidneys and the Heart, the Jing Essence and the Shen Spirit, building the foundation for other practices. The nine exercises are each performed nine times and can be completed in about one hour's time. In the rarely presented teachings in this series, Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, 88th generation Master of the Jade Purity School, discusses the foundation of Alchemical Qi Gong practices and gives step-by-step instructions for how to practice each of the nine exercises. 

    Recorded 2003


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