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Dear Students and Colleagues,

We wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support of AUCM and its lectures. Your attendance and participation have been crucial to the success of our efforts, and we could not have accomplished what we have without your help.

As we strive to provide the best education and resources to our students, your contributions have been invaluable. Your interest and engagement have fueled our drive to improve and innovate, and we are constantly inspired by your passion for learning.

We understand that your time is precious and appreciate your commitment to attending our lectures and providing us with your feedback and comments. We hope that our presentations have been informative and engaging, and that they have helped you in your academic and clinical pursuits.

We are deeply grateful for the trust and support that you have shown us, and we promise to continue providing top-quality education and resources to our students. We are honored to have you as part of our community, and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

Thank you again for your dedication and support.


The AUCM Team


The course was vibrant, to the point and alive.

- Dana S. L.Ac.


I appreciate Jeffrey's explanations, answers to questions, the handout, and his real-time onscreen overhead handout notes.  He demonstrated many clinical variations to the essential principles he outlined on Day 1 of the course, which really helps solidify this information in an actionable clinical way for me in my practice.  The additional philosophical insights that he includes along the way throughout the course are gems that get a big star in my notes.  Many thanks for this opportunity to study again with Master Yuen.  Truly a gift to our profession and to everyone on the healing road we travel.

- Therese K. L.Ac.


Jeffrey Yuen is a phenomenal instructor and an amazing resource.  The breadth and depth of his knowledge is unparalleled.

- Mary C. L. Ac.


Perfect setup with the overhead, handouts, & recording that I could pause.

- Kristen H. L. Ac.


Jeffrey's classes include so much more than the basic details on the topic.  They include historical context, Classical text references as well as philosophical applications for modern social and clinical conditions.  I leave the class with much more than information, but renewed inspiration and curiosity about healing, and all of Classical Chinese medicine.

- Claire D. L. Ac.


Classes with Jeffrey are not just an uncommon opportunity for learning, they are a great and rewarding joy.

- Student


Clarity.  Clarity of thought is what shines through.

- Robert M. L. Ac.


Each teaching weekend with Jeffrey Yuen is a treasure of wisdom being shared.  Even if you did a seminar already on the same topic with him, he always brings new information or new insights or triggers a deeper layer of understanding in the mind of the student.

- Anouchka D. L.Ac.

This has been a life changing experience.  I almost didn't sign up due to scheduling issues.  Can't express the deep gratitude I feel with having the opportunity to participate.

- Hanna S. L.Ac.


This course was amazing.  Jeffrey is truly a gift to his students.

- Phillip W. L.Ac.


I feel so grateful to be alive at this time, and to study this work.  I found this particular course so incredibly special, inspiring, affirming, and deeply moving.

- Tina C.


I would recommend any course by Jeffrey Yuen to other acupuncturists.  His depth of knowledge is amazing!

- Bruce B. L.Ac.


I appreciate Dr. Yuen's multi dimensional approach, the integration of East/West/Daoist/Historical perspective.  This class deepened my understanding of Eastern nutrition, and I feel I can now share these ideas better with my students and patients.

- Dorene H. L.Ac.


This course was fantastic.  Jeffrey Yuen presented an enormous amount of material in a very organized way.  His teaching style lends itself to helping the participants make connections within the material.

- Elyce K. M.D., MPH

It more than met the stated objectives - so much valuable information!  This course was so insightful, purposeful, and relatable.  So grateful to have taken this course!!

- Patricia S. L.Ac.


All the information is very practical and can be utilized immediately in one's practice.  Any time this course is offered again I would recommend this to any and all acupuncture practitioners, because it is indispensable in working in Chinese medicine.

- Gabrielle Z.L.Ac.

Excellent transfer of learning.

- Skyeler F. L.Ac.


Dr. Yuen is the only CCM professor I recommend.  Yes, I think this course should be mandatory.  Always inspired by Dr. Yuen's lectures, classes and his brilliance.

- Robert F. L.Ac.


Made me thirsty for more info on food energetics! Wonderfully informative and still dipping our toes into a huge subject.

- Jenny W. L.Ac.


Exceptionally good!  I am really glad I took it!  I feel there was a huge hole in my education as_the teacher for Chinese nutrition at University knew nothing about it at all! Thank you Jeffrey!_very useful and applicable information!

- Merle M. L.Ac.


It was gorgeous.

- Yvonne H. L.Ac.


This course was fantastic!  Simply the BEST! Deep knowledge, excellent teaching, deeply blessed that Jeffrey is sharing his knowledge and gifts!

-Francis F. L.Ac.


Thank you AUCM staff for bringing such a high caliber of Jeffrey teachings. Not all schools or venues allow or encourage him to speak and teach from the same podium of transmission that you do. I deeply appreciate this, however it seems to transpire.  Many thanks for this level of teaching to support all of our mastery within the context of Jeffrey’s teaching and the practice of Chinese Medicine. 

- Demoiselle S. L.A.c.


This class went well beyond my exceptions.  It was my first webinar with Dr. Yuen.  Dr. Yuen's beautiful drawings and instructions will be embedded in my mind.  Dr. Yuen was brilliant combining the 'art and science' of integrative medicine so that practitioners of TCM can maximize their skills in treatment protocols.   Thank you.

- Asha R. L.Ac.


Very rich, deep material that I feel grateful for exposure and hope to utilize in helping others.

- Lisa S. L.Ac.


The rigors of daily practice can make it easy to forget the incredible power of our tradition of medicine, thankfully Jeffrey is there to remind us!

- David F. L.Ac.


Jeffrey's methods are like no other.  I mean how could we compare?  The sum of information he transmits is indeed overwhelming and the tone almost hypnotizing.  Yet, it's totally appropriate too his own style.

- Bertrand L. L.Ac.


Jeffrey's teaching style is very methodical and complete.  He brings so much wisdom and understanding to the information he shares.

- Vanessa M. L.Ac.


Jeffrey is as always a source of wisdom and inspiration! A true treasure and I am grateful for any teaching and also for your organization for making it possible to attend online in such good quality.

- Anouchka D. L.Ac.


Thank you for making this program available!  I can't tell you how much I look forward to them and learn from them!

- Garreta K. L.Ac.


Masterful and engaging, Jeffrey's teaching style is approachable and subtly playful.  I highly recommend any of his classes that draw your attention.  Thank you again for enlightening experience.

- Christina C. L.Ac.


Simply the BEST! Deep Knowledge, excellent teaching, deeply blessed that Jeffrey is sharing his knowledge and gifts!

- Francis F., L.Ac.


This course was excellent.  While four consecutive days was a lot, it was such high quality!

- Michael S. L.Ac.

Thank you for the excellent setup, registration, handling our questions, and the careful camera work, which makes Jeffrey Yuen's classes even more enjoyable!
- Joyce W. L.Ac.

I have been attending Dr. Yuen’s lectures for many years and have always been highly impressed by the depth of his knowledge and the fluency of his communication.  As Einstein said, the true test of your knowledge is whether you can communicate it simply.

- Peter W. L.Ac.

Jeffrey is a treasure.  Truly an encyclopedia of Chinese medicine.

- Camille V. L.Ac.

I’m very grateful to Master Jeffrey for sharing his deep knowledge and wisdom.  It makes a huge difference in the modern world.  It is very much needed.  Thank you!

- Adam P. Student

Jeffrey Yuen is the highest level teacher of Chinese medicine.

- Stan P. L.Ac.

Dr. Yuen's teachings are inspirational.  We are fortunate to have him available to our healing community.  I hope to participate in future courses.

- Jane B. L.Ac, RN

Thank you for bringing this priceless knowledge to the world!

- David. S., M.D.

A wonderful, inspiring, compelling course that spoke to all that is important in our connection to the plant world.  What an honour it is to study this work with Jeffrey.

- Tina C., L.Ac.

Jeffrey Yuen is a blessing for us.  In this journey, Master Yuen brings us to not only to herbs but also a lot of different thinking processes.  This is a reinventing of life and medicine.

- Fatih S., L.Ac.

Dr. Yuen’s wealth of knowledge and experience is a constant source of inspiration.  He presents large concepts and then breaks them into smaller bites.  He always leaves us wanting more.

- Linda R., L.Ac.

I also must take this opportunity to offer my thanks to the organisers of the course. As an online course the
execution of the technology is paramount and that was done robustly and at no point, during any of the
seminars, did I feel like it was not well managed. Communication was fantastic. If a hybrid (online and in-
person) class were organised in the future I would have no qualms about attending online because I’m sure
that the online participants would be supported as much as those attending in-person.

- Robert A. L.Ac

The filming is always seamless and the online platform works very well.  Although nothing takes the place of being somewhere in person, I’m so grateful to be able to attend lectures without having to travel.  Thanks so much for facilitating!

- Jennifer A., L.Ac.

Jeffrey Yuen is such a delightful teacher.  I look forward to future courses with Jeffrey.

- Julia U., L.Ac.

As I noted I’m very grateful of this opportunity to take this class online.  I studied under Jeffrey from 2005-08 at Swedish and then post grad from 08-13 at his Chinatown location.  I do hope this allows for future online classes, it's a beautiful and excellent use of the technology.  One of the bright moments of this entire period of pandemic.  Thank you all and I look forward to the next class(es).

- Jomo S., L.Ac.

This is an inspiring class on Classical Chinese ethnobotanical medicine – no one has this information anymore, a true treasure and an honor to learn.  I will be using this information to add to my herbal class curriculum.

- Charis W., L.Ac.

Jeffrey is a gifted teacher!

- George M., L.Ac.

More Jeffrey, A National Treasure.

- Stan P., L.Ac.

Learning from J. Yuen is a precious gift.  It is not just technical it is the metaphor for all of life.  I am thankful every time for his teaching.

- Janet B., M.D.

I feel so inspired and excited about taking the ideas discussed in the lecture and putting them into practice.  I’ve been really unhappy about the disconnect between Chinese Herbal medicine and the plants themselves.  I’m excited to start again by putting together my own materia medica and connecting in a deeper level with the plants.  I’m also really excited to be going over the ways of thinking behind the classic texts and understanding so much better where the formulas stemmed from.

- Erin A., L.Ac.

As always….the class was great!  Jeffrey is playful, funny, full of insight and wisdom.  What a blessing to receive this transmission on herbs.

- Christina C., L.Ac.

I am incredibly grateful for this continued offering of Jeffrey’s teaching.  Thank you for making this opportunity available to learn via webinars.  While nothing replaces in-person learning, this allows me to continue taking classes without the extra expense of travel and lodging.  I look forward to more classes in the future! Thank you!

- Christopher O., L.Ac.

Another great course, thank you so much for organizing.  My studies have continued to deepen and I so appreciate continuing to find new ‘a-ha’ moments after years of study.

- Julie M., L.Ac.

Thank you so so so so so so much for organizing and hosting these courses for us to be able to take in  Jeffrey’s wisdom.  I really appreciate that you’re offering them online as well!

- Elyse B., L.Ac.

Thank you so much for continuing to make this information available, for the effort and adaptation to live streaming, for the generous support of your students and the grace and generosity with which you share.

- Gretchen K., L.Ac.


Just a fantastic class!! So very grateful for these 4 herbal weekend classes from Jeffrey!! And to be online, made it actually accessible for me to finally attend.  I hope there are more herbal classes for these to build upon from Jeffrey or more advanced Herbal classes!!! Please!!!

- Ludwig K., M.D.


Great course.  I'm sad it has come to an end.

- Theresa J. L.Ac.


Thank you, Jeffrey, for always being so generous with your time and knowledge.  And thanks to all the folks at AUCM without whom we would not be able to glimpse these precious nuggets that Jeffrey shares with us!

- Audrey O. L.Ac.


Another transformational course from Jeffrey Yuen.  Much gratitude & appreciation! Thank you!!

Joan B. DDS


Thank you for hosting this seminar.  Very positive experience.

-Jan F. L.Ac.


It is always a joy and pleasure to listen to Jeffrey; wonderful, wonderful class!

- Cynthia L. DVM

Keep up your most excellent work! Thank you, again!

- Gretta K. L.Ac.


Around June or July 2020, I posted on the Jeffrey Yuen Facebook group, asking if Jeffrey was or was planning to teach a year long herbal studies class.  The response was phenomenal! In no time you guys put this together.  I must say that Jeffrey far exceeded my exceptions and I am forever grateful!!!

- Jennifer W. L.Ac

Thank you for this opportunity to allow the teachings of Jeffrey to be accessible to us in our homes, as well as allow us the extra week to review the dense material.

- Angela O. L.Ac


This was a fantastic series of classes, I really enjoyed this one a lot.

- Daniel S. L.Ac


Thank you ALL at AUCM very much for this class, and for accommodating us in cyber world. Thank you to Jeffrey who never fails to blow my mind, and ALWAYS succeeds in further deepening my LOVE and APPRECIATION for Classical Chinese Medicine! I look forward to next time!
- Stephanie S. L.Ac

Jeffrey is the Master! It is always a valuable experience sitting in on one of his classes, no matter the topic, but this one was easier to grasp, follow and quicker to implement than most.
- John H. L.Ac

Thank you to a great teacher and to the people who have arranged this course to be taught. It was my first course with Jeffrey Yuen, and I feel grateful to have the opportunity to learn from the lineage he carries and shares so generously and with so much love and service.
- Roxanne C. L.Ac.

My thanks go out to Joseph and Jeffrey for making it possible for me to receive and participate in this class. Thank you. Thank you to the AUCM team for creating an excellent journey with our beloved teacher. Personally, I have been waiting for the Cardiology class for twenty years. Cyber space allows me to reap the benefits of the gathering and Jeffrey's wisdom. Thanks again!
-C. Roberson L.Ac.

Love, Love, Love this! This has been one of my favorite topics so far!
- Student

Thank you for providing this unique opportunity
- Angela E. L.Ac.

Always dense and very thought provoking
- Student

Thank you, Master Yuen for teaching :) !, Thank you, the organizers for orginizing this wonderful class :) !
- Clarisse H. L.Ac.

I love these Taoist Canon classes. It gives me a lot of insight about how to apply Chinese medicine concepts to patients who are struggling with life & dealth issues like cancer & autoimmune disease. Thank you for making us a better practitioner!
- Emily R. M.D., L.Ac. 

I hope my brain grows enough to hold all this wisdom.
- Student

Please keep going! Best teaching available!
- Christopher O. L.Ac.

Always satisfied with the lectures and left feeling the world can be better!
- Conchitina S. L.Ac. 

Jeffrey's classes always bring me joy!
- Pam M. L.Ac.

Jeffrey Yuen is a living treasure. Very grateful to have taken part. Thanks!
- Priya A. L.Ac.

Very helpful! Thank you Master Yuen & organizer friends! 
- Student

Jeffrey is a gem & a treasure. We are all so lucky to have him here and so are our patients.
- Lisa A. L.Ac.

The in-depth nature of the knowledge & all that’s being transmitted is something not to be missed! The learning goes on forever! Thank you!
- Keri U. L.Ac.

Jeffrey always imparts more information in one class than most schools do in one semester.
- George L. L.Ac.

Very Knowledgeable instructor. Would love to take more classes with him.
Mohan M. L.Ac.

This was my first course with Jeffrey. He came highly recommended. I really enjoyed it! Very practical information. Repetition was appreciated & helped with learning. Great combination of CM and Western medicine paradigm.
- Rosaleen O. L.Ac.

Cardiology was merged with CM terminology in ways I’d never considered before. 
It was like walking into a cloud of knowledge & wisdom.
- Shant B. L.Ac.

We are ever grateful and honored to receive Jeffrey's generous, enlightened teachings.
- Adele S. L.Ac

Excellent teacher and program. Thank you Master Yuen and the organizers very much!
- Clarisse H. L.Ac

- Phillip W. L.Ac

Jeffrey shares a vital and unique perspective on any subject he teaches. I am so fortunate to have access to his wealth of knowledge, and more importantly to, his enduring wisdom.
- Lynn F., L.Ac

As always extremely illuminating and enjoyable. A beautiful experience to hear Jeffrey’s discussion. Many thanks to AUCM!
- Student

Jeffrey’s teaching not only helps us to lift up the practice of Chinese medicine to much higher levels but it goes deep to the heart. Every time I learn from Jeffrey, I walk away with profound life lessons. Thank you!!
- Ken G., L.Ac

I really appreciate the LiveStream classes. Please keep offering them. Thanks!
- Emily R., M.D. , L.Ac.

It amazes me that even after taking classes with Jeffrey for 8 years, I still learn more with every class!
- Charis W., L.Ac

Some of the best learning of Chinese medicine out there!
- Sophia S., L.Ac

I am forever grateful to Jeffrey for his generosity, kindness and excellent story telling. The gift of his teaching always enhance my ability to be present in a deeper way to the needs of my patients. Thank you AUCM for these enlightening Jeffrey Yuen classes!
- Joan B., DDS

Great, Great insights.
- Bob G., L.Ac

Rare and precious opportunity offered with extraordinary generosity.
- Stephen H., L.Ac

We are in the presence of a Master. Gratefully.
- Amanda M., L.Ac

I almost can’t believe how fortunate we are to have Jeffrey explain this to us and give us these gifts. I am beyond grateful.
- Jennifer J., L.Ac.

Thank you Jeffrey!!! This was a powerful course. I appreciate your wisdom and your desire to pass on such amazing information.
- Martha I., L.Ac

Jeffrey is able to bring his tradition alive for us. He helps us with our own growth and transformation.
- Ken G., L.Ac

The gift of having your mind blown wide open - 
- Charis W., L.Ac

This is a special, rare, precious opportunity for which I am grateful and humbled.
- Student

Wonderful job. One of the most organized classes that I have been to.
- Jennifer S., L.Ac

Jeffrey is so enlightening. He helps broaden my understanding of how to live and why pathology happens, and what to do about it. Each class add to few more pieces to the overall puzzle.
- Rose G., L.Ac

The fountain of this knowledge flows freely and deeply to nourish our souls.
- David C. L.Ac, Professor of Chinese Medicine

Jeffrey answers all the questions that you ask - as well as the questions you need
- Lisa G., L.Ac

I am very grateful to Jeffrey and to AUCM for this fabulous opportunity to clarify and refine my understanding. Great facility! Looking forward to next class. Thank You!
-Joan B., DDS

With Jeffrey Yuen you always know you are getting the best instruction Chinese Medicine has to offer. He teaches the deepest levels of our art and science with depth and wit. I am always grateful for the experience.
- Linda R., L.Ac

He makes you feel proud to be an acupuncturist. He's awesome!!!

How do you improve what he does? He really sets the standards for the future theoretical teachings of acupuncture. 
- Kathleen W., L.Ac

Today was the best practical class I have been to in many years. 
- Student

Thank you, Jeffrey for the treasures that you share with us.
-Ken G. L.Ac

Jeffrey is such a different (higher) level. I wonder if I will ever be able to really practice CCM even remotely close to his level. Baby steps I guess! :)
- Bill W. L.Ac

So thorough and intense. Really appreciated it. Thank you!
- Student

Thank you much for another amazing experience on the way of unfolding the mystery. (Very Grateful). 
- Mona D. L.Ac

- Radia N. 

The combination of spiritual & epigenetic information - along with a sophisticated presentation of Chinese Medicine is why I love these classes. 
-Angela R. L.Ac

Brilliant class - as always. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Megan H. L.Ac

Jeffrey’s classes always go above and beyond what is listed as the topic. His lectures are always more in-depth than anyone would expect. Always super!
- J. Cheng L.Ac.

Qi Gong is great for me and Jeffrey is such a great teacher for this! Need more Qi Gong classes!
- R. Shih L.Ac.

Thank you! I really appreciate the theoretical information as well as the practical applications.
- G. Kreiger L.Ac.

Illuminating to understand what is behind the moves of Qi Gong.
- M. Tombelaine L.Ac.

This course has been amazing! Seems like maybe one day is not enough to cover everything. Would be great to have additional tongue diagnosis classes. Thank you so much!
- Student

This is exactly what I have been wanting!

This is the most in-depth course on male infertility that I have ever attended!
- G. Miller

Excellent! Instruction came from a deep source of Knowledge.
- K. Hedayat M.D.

He’s amazing!
- D. Levoy L.Ac.

Thank you so very much for your time and information. I so appreciate all you do for the field of Chinese Medicine. You Rock!!
- M. Ivey L.Ac.

Enjoyed tremendously, very meaningful and helpful! Many Thanks!
- J. Borden, DDS

Grateful and inspired by Jeffrey's teachings, as always!
- E. Robert L.Ac.

Jeffrey is a treasured resource in our profession and it is always an honor and pleasure to study with him.
- Student

Thank you for your immense generosity, sharing your wisdom and experience.
Thank you for sharing your heart and your brilliance and blessing all of us beyond words. 

His brilliant, inspiring lectures are unsurpassed.
- G. Devlin L.Ac

Amazing Calligraphy! Hats off to all involved who made it happen. Thank you Jeffrey, here’s to wellness!!
- Student

Thank you for sharing your time, heart & wisdom. Very meaningful & appreciated by me.
- L. Drango L.Ac

Unparalleled! Outstanding!
- J. Houston L.Ac

Loved the Ethics day! Thank You! :)
- D. Keefe L.Ac

Jeffrey is an International Treasure!
- Student

Lots of fun and wonderful!!!
- K. Williams L.Ac

Thank you, Jeffrey for your extraordinary wisdom & knowledge and all that you do to share it!
- Student

Jeffrey is a true gift.
- L. Gibile L.Ac

Thank you so much to Jeffrey & the school coordinators for pulling all the pieces & tools together. It was a great engaging & even challenging experience. :)
- K. Uejo, Acupuncture Student

Can’t say enough great things about learning from Jeffrey!
- Anita P. L.Ac

- E. Robert L.Ac

Jeffrey’s talks always further & deepen my understanding of Chinese Medicine.
- T. Evans L.Ac

The Greatest Course!! Thanks a lot!!!
- F. Leonard L.Ac

Jeffrey’s knowledge & articulation is beyond measure. Thank you for bringing him out.
- J. Jackson L.Ac

What can you say about a Living Treasure?
- D. Chan L.Ac

I am really looking forward to implement these ideas in my clinic.  This was the course I was hoping Jeffrey would teach and it exceeded my expectations! 
-John H. L.Ac.

The information was clear, concise and I will be able to implement the modalities in my practice.  Jeffrey Yuen is the only teacher whose courses I take.  If anyone asks my opinion on continuing education, I advise them to take many of his courses and see if he resonates with them.
-Angela O. L.Ac.

The Course exceeded my expectations.
-Stephen S. L.Ac.

Please thank Jeffrey for a wonderful & life giving course. And his humor is better than ever :) Great course, brilliant teaching as always, with Jeffrey's teaching.
-Barbara A. L.Ac.

I’m grateful for how thorough and deep Jeffrey’s teachings go. I am grateful he offers all he does.
-Terra G. L.Ac.

Every lesson from Master Yuen is a treasure.
-Fatih S. L.Ac.

The diagnostic principles and treatment strategies laid out for the acupuncture protocols were clear, easy
to follow, and complete with recommended points that are easy to use. Additionally, we have an excellent
herbal pharmacy at my clinic so I can utilize the herbal recommendations.
-Daerielle B.

Thank you Jeffery for sharing so much with us! You are a gift. I feel so fortunate to have been able to sit
in this class with you.
-Loren R. L.Ac.

Jeffrey Yuen elegantly teaches complex conditions in a way that is easy to apply to our practice.  His classical approach is rich and essential for patients today.  I am always so amazed at the awakening I feel after sitting with Jeffrey.  I am grateful for his generosity and knowledge.  Thank you, Jeffrey!
-Lisa S. L.Ac.

Thank you, Jeffrey Yuen and AUCM for making the lectures accessible online! It has totally enriched my
learning experience and enabled me to study with Jeffrey Yuen many times throughout the year. I can afford
the study, with no travel expenses and I always get a front row seat. It is also so helpful to be able to start
and stop the lecture, play parts over again so that I understand what he is talking about and don’t miss
important material. Thank you!
-Jasmine B. L.Ac.

Thank you Jeffrey for yet another outstanding class. The costumes were a particularly hilarious
addition and I felt great joy in seeing Jeffrey illustrate the principle of taking ourselves and the world lightly
and enjoying life. Laughter is true medicine. Thanks again!!
-Tamara J. L.Ac.

It’s really nice to have the outline and notes of his teaching plan – Jeffrey always has so much to share that in
the past it could be very challenging for me to keep up with him. I used to get really stressed out and upset
with myself that I missed a chunk of what he initially wanted to explain when he took a detour by an
inspiration or a question, or I got hung up on something he said that I didn’t understand completely. With
more time spent following him, and as he has said once or twice, our own consciousness leads us to the
information or wisdom that we are ready to receive. I am more at ease about what I missed or rather what I
received. The notes ahead of time is such a helpful safety blanket that keep me anchored on being present
with him. Thank you for incorporating that in the course!
- Joyce W. L.Ac.

Over the years, Jeffrey has been a source of knowledge, inspiration and confidence. There is confidence that
we are receiving not only his oral transmission but a profound opportunity for self-cultivation in our practice
of Chinese medicine. Thank you, Jeffrey!
- Ken G. L.Ac.

I really appreciate Master Yuen and his generosity in sharing his knowledge with the Chinese medical
community. He is truly the greatest treasure our profession has ever seen. I have studied with many teachers
and so far he is the one who explains concepts in the most detailed but easy-to-comprehend way that every
single thing he says makes 100% sense to me. He also has the uncanny ability of answering questions I never
knew I had – about Chinese medicine and life in general. I am forever grateful to Master Yuen for all his
teachings, and to AUCM for continuing to give him a platform in which he can disseminate his wisdom.
-Mei L. L.Ac.

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