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January 18 & 19, 2020

Kidneys, Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Post Kidney Stone and Calcium Deposit - A Japanese Approach

Ling Shu Chapter 10 states that life begins as the Jing from the father and mother combine at Ming Men: the source of the essence of all organs. Nan Ching Chapter 8 describes ming men as the pulsing between the kidneys and the source of the “alive qi”. One possibility of the reference to pulsing between the kidneys is the renal artery, and many health problems are associated with ming men and with the kidneys. In this class, Kiiko Matsumoto will discuss and demonstrate the use of a variety of strategies to treat problems with the kidneys.

On day 1 she will introduce the theory and discuss mineral imbalances, specifically imbalances in calcium and phosphorous, the consequences of such imbalances, and how to approach correcting them with acupuncture.

On day 2 Kiiko will further explore how kidney imbalances will affect the cardiovascular, neurological and endocrine systems including discussions of disease processes including hypertension and arthritis. 


January 24 -27, 2020

Yang Shen 養生: Nourishing Life: Chinese Medical Wisdom for the Preservation of Life:

One of the main goals of Chinese medicine is to help preserve wellness and promote longevity. Within the Taoist tradition, Yang Sheng practices can be an important tool in preserving one’s mind and body into old age, essentially buying time to complete spiritual cultivation practices. While notable figures such as Zhuangzi have criticized the desire for longevity, nonetheless it has deep roots in Chinese culture. A wide variety of useful techniques have been preserved through various traditions that can be utilized both to help preserve our own health and that of our patients.

In this series, Jeffrey Yuen will be discussing Yang Sheng: providing both theory and practical instruction in a variety of practices historically used to maintain and extend life. 

On Day 1 Jeffrey will give an overview of the practices of Yang Sheng (養生) and discuss how we can harmonize our internal and external environments.  

On Day 2 Jeffrey will teach selected Qigong techniques for the practice of Yang Sheng including bone marrow washing for preserving bone density and preventing osteoporosis, Sinew Changing exercises to strengthen the tendons and breathing and daoyin techniques used to preserve the body and help prevent dementia. 

On Day 3 Jeffrey will discuss techniques historically used for preservation and maintenance of jing through sexual cultivation, including a discussion of ancient medical manuscripts discovered in the Mawangdui (馬王堆) texts from 169 BCE.

On Day 4 Jeffrey will discuss the use of diet and herbal medicine within the context of yang sheng. For diet, Jeffrey will provide an overview and context of dietary suggestions including a discussion of grain restriction, fasting and so forth. He will also provide examples of various dietary recipes used for promoting longevity. For herbal medicine, Jeffrey will discuss the use of upper grade herbs from Shen Nong’s Ben Cao and instructions on how they can be incorporated into medicinal wines. 


June 13 -15, 2020

Shamanic Origins of Classical Chinese Medicine: Manipulating the Internal Terrain

In this class, Jeffrey Yuen will explore the shamanistic techniques of internal manipulation and release of the ego. This training was done in different levels. First, the cultivator explored changing one’s ego, and this is facilitated through the use of masks, which allow us to explore taking on another persona. Once a cultivator becomes adept at engaging the personas of different masks, they move on to releasing the mask the cultivator was born with. Through this cultivation, it was believed the shaman became free and was then able to “channel” or “become” a variety of persona which, in the context of medicine, were used for gaining insights into healing and to directly facilitate healing. Once the shaman had mastered this technique, s/he could then help patients also change their own “masks”, as a disease can only exist within a specific terrain. If you change the terrain you change the disease.

Dr. Yuen will further discuss how these methodologies and tools can be applied to modern healing practices. While attendance at prior classes may be helpful, each weekend covers specific aspects of shamanic contributions to Chinese medicine and is a subject in and of itself.

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JULY 24 - 27, 2020

Divergent Channels in the Treatment of Acute Infectious Diseases (JULY 24 & 27, 2020) (Fri & Mon)

According to the Huang Di Nei Jing, wind is the cause of ‘a hundred diseases’. While wind can be caused by multiple etiologies, one of the main etiologies is infectious. During an acute invasion, if the body is not strong enough to fight the pathogen directly, it directs the pathogen into areas of latency. One of the more important ways this happens is via the divergent channel system. The divergent channel system is a safety mechanism the body has evolved to deal with severe acute illness, and can also be used to deal with accumulated latency.  

Jeffrey will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of aggressive or deadly infectious diseases that challenge the constitution. Some examples will be taken from recent diseases such as the 2019-nCoV (recent Wuhan Coronavirus) and SARS as well as the management of deadly complications of diseases such as sepsis and encephalitis.

Essential Oils: Pharmacopeia Update based on the Experience of Jeffrey Yuen (JULY 25 & 26, 2020) (Sat & 

Essential oils are the essence or Jing of plants. Through the doctrine of signatures, they are very useful in treating pathologies related to the jing, especially working with pathogens that directly threaten the yuan or constitutional level. As such, the oils can help us not only guide out or transform physical pathology, but also can influence our phenotypical expression and how we experience and interface with the world (our temperament).

In this class, Jeffrey Yuen will discuss new additions to the materia medica of essential oils based on a wide variety of oils that have become more commonly available in recent years. He will discuss physical properties of these newer oils as well as his clinical experience in how they can be used to influence the constitution, physical pathology and one’s temperament. 


December 5 - 7, 2020

Shamanic Origins of Classical Chinese Medicine: Manipulating the External Terrain

In this class, Jeffrey Yuen will explore the shamanistic techniques of external manipulation and how we can influence the vibrations of the surrounding environment. As with internal training, the manipulation of the external environment had different levels. First, we explore the manipulation of the external environment through vibration, specifically through ritual movements. Next the prescribed external movements are replaced by spontaneous movements that are generated from internal cultivation. Finally the cultivator realizes that the border between the internal and external (the physical body), is an illusion and that internal and external are one. At this stage the shaman was believed to be able to directly manipulate the external environment merely through thought or intention. This training formed the basis of the Chinese medical technique of using intention within acupuncture and other techniques. It also formed the basis for Chinese medical qigong. 

While attendance at prior classes may be helpful, each weekend covers specific aspects of shamanic contributions to Chinese medicine and is a subject in and of itself.


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February 27 - 28, 2021

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